We are your office to obtain your residence permit in Andorra

Our team of professionals, established in Andorra, has the experience you need to process your residence, passive or active, in the Principality. Streamline processes and procedures thanks to our telematic management modality.

What does our residency application service in Andorra include?

The office committed to you

We offer personalized solutions for those who want to change their residence and settle in Andorra, either actively or passively. Contact us and discover everything we can do for you.

3 reasons to trust WIT to modify your residence


Our team is made up of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in this type of management. We are well versed in Andorran legislation.


Our office is located in Andorra. Whether you want to meet with us in person, or if you are looking for telematic management, we make it easy for you.


We are committed to you and your vital project. We put at your disposal all our expertise so that the procedures are as comfortable and agile as possible.

Experts in active residence and passive residence in Andorra

In the legislation of the Principality, we find two models of residents, active and passive.


Active residence in Andorra

The active residence permit is one that allows you to live and work in the country.
It is an ideal type of permit for workers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs… who wish to enjoy the advantages that Andorra provides in terms of quality of life, taxation, and location.


Passive residence in Andorra

The passive residence permit in Andorra is the one that makes it easier to live but not work in the Principality, with some exceptions.

The first case, non-profit passive residence in Andorra, is the most common and requires a minimum investment of €600,000 in real estate, companies, bonds, and funds… owned by the country.

Why set your residence in Andorra

Establishing physical or fiscal residence in Andorra entails tax benefits for any citizen of the majority of European citizens, with the Spanish and French being the ones who most demand this type of permit. In addition to the reduced tax rate in indirect taxes (VAT, known here as IGI, is only 4.5%) and in taxes on individuals, a system is registered in tranches of up to 10%  for income that exceeds €40,000. . In Spain, from €35,200 we would already be starting to pay 37%

Much more than a friendly tax policy

In addition to lower regulation and tax rates, Andorra stands out for its high quality of life and comfort due to its:
All these elements make the Principality of Andorra one of the most interesting places to establish a habitual or fiscal residence.