Consulting and tax advice in Andorra

We find the easiest and most profitable way for you to manage your business. We advise you on all accounting, tax, and labor procedures.

What areas does our consulting service cover?

A comprehensive consulting service so you don't have to worry about a thing

Our team of professionals will provide you and your company with all the procedures and routine tasks regarding the administration of your business in Andorra.

We have demonstrable experience in the different accounting, labor, and tax procedures accounting, labor, and tax procedures.

Why trust WIT and our advisory and consulting service?

Proven experience

Our team of professionals has demonstrable experience and knowledge of the different tax, accounting, and labor aspects in Andorra, Spain, and France. We adapt to any situation.

Incidence in the digital

We have procedures to streamline procedures through digitization. We save you time and reduce physical barriers because all our services are based on digital DNA.

Engagement with the client

We do not pretend to be your service provider, we want to be your partner. Trust is the basis of any business relationship, and our will is that your business does the best it can.

When self-knowledge is not enough

Your partner in fiscal, labour and accounting

Our team of advisers in Andorra for accounting, tax, and labor matters will facilitate any administrative or tax management that you want to carry out, whether you are an individual or manager of a local or foreign business.

How can we help you as consultants?

Tax, accounting, and labor advice

We carry out all kinds of advisory services in Andorra. We have the capacity to offer this service, given the multidisciplinary nature of our human team. Some of the most common advisory and consulting services are:

Business Planning

If you are thinking of setting up a company in Andorra or opening a delegation in the country, we can help you with the configuration of the business plan.

We have experts in the tax, labor, and accounting areas to bring the approach as close as possible to the reality of Andorran regulations.

Service to individuals

We have services aimed at people who, in a private capacity, wish to invest or work in Andorra, or who already reside in the Principality and seek better advice. Some of our most outstanding services are:

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We are your partner in Andorra