Andorran Tax Calendar

Welcome to WIT, where your fiscal and business success in Andorra becomes our mission! We understand that the art of maximizing benefits and minimizing obligations starts with smart fiscal management. Therefore, we present you with a strategy to master the Andorran fiscal calendar in 2024, designed to enhance your business and personal trajectory.


The frequency of IGI settlement depends on the company’s turnover.

  • Semi-annually in January and July: For businesses billing less than €250,000 annually.
  • uarterly in January, April, July, October: For companies with an annual turnover between €250,000 and €3,600,000.
  • Monthly: For large companies exceeding €3,600,000 in annual billing.
  • Simplified regime: A flexible quarterly solution, perfect for simplifying the fiscal management of SMEs and self-employed.
  • New companies and self-employed: The first fiscal year is settled quarterly.


  • Quarterly in January, April, July, October: Settlement of income on account for work incomes not subject to CASS contribution and also capital income.
  • From April to September: Deadline to submit your IRPF (Personal Income Tax) declaration for the previous fiscal year.
  • July: Corporate tax for the last exercise is presented.


  • Juliol: es presenta l’impost de societats de l’últim exercici.
  • September: On-account payment for the corporate tax of the current exercise is made.


  • Quarterly January, April, July, October: For non-residents who have obtained income in Andorra without a permanent establishment.
  • July: Non-residents with a permanent establishment present and settle their IRNR.


The 7 Comuns manage a variety of rates and taxes, highlighting:

  • Tax on commercial, business, and professional activities.
  • Tax on rental income.
  • Tax on built property.

Each Parròquia has different settlement periods, depending on the type of tax or rate.

At WIT, we commit to transforming every aspect of the Andorran fiscal calendar into a competitive advantage for your business. Our approach combines deep local knowledge with a global perspective, preparing you to scale your personal and business finances to new heights.

Join us and make 2024 a year of unprecedented fiscal and business triumphs!

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