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 At WIT we specialize in tax, financial, labor, and accounting advisory services for individuals and companies. Thanks to our work, we help overcome the legal and economic challenges of an increasingly globalized and digital world.

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We are rigorous, we are objective, we are committed.


We rigorously carry out our work to achieve the best result for those who trust us. We know the current legislation and we apply it.


We work to operate as independently and objectively as possible. We understand your concerns, and we try to give a 360º assessment.


We are committed to your case. We help you with everything you need to carry out the relevant procedures to continue your activity in Andorra.

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Our advisory services

Residence in

We are specialized in obtaining residence permits in Andorra. We can also help you if you are looking for how to change your tax residence to the Principality.

Consulting and
tax advice

We offer tax advice, management, and consultancy services for companies or individuals who wish to start a commercial activity in Andorra.

Advice and relocation service

Are you looking to move to Andorra? It has our relocation service to the Principality. We help you with all the relevant documentation to speed up the process.

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We are specialized in offering you digital solutions

WIT was born with a strong digital will. For this reason, all our residence application procedures, tax advice and consultancy, and relocation to Andorra can be carried out, for the most part, electronically.

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